Emotions UI

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How to use:

1. Click a point in the colored cartessian circle to indicate the emotion.
2. Click a point int the grayscale bar (right) to indicate level of excitement.


This is based on my observations that there are 4 basic emotions we express; and, that these are in two opposing directions.

Sad vs. Happy

Negative or positive quality of the emotion.


Surprise vs. Anger

Fright or fight call to action.



Level of alert, stength or stress.

I am aware this is an over simplification. And, it does NOT account for the complexity of feelings or emotional states. Which other that many emotions, also carry thoughts and reasons, adding even more to the complexity.

I made this probably around 2004, but decided to post it when I saw this study in Time Magazine:
Human Emotions Are Not as Complex as We Thought

By Lenin Compres