El Cantacuentos
musician · storyteller · inventor · educator
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Lenino is a musical storyteller, the affectionate alter-ego of Lenin Compres, an artist inventor, an explorer of sience, education and technology who was born in the Caribbean and has lived in New York City all his "adult" life. His studies range from telecommunication engineering and web development to cognitive studies and education. His trainings range from acting and scriptwriting to modern dance and vocals. He is a self-taught piano player and a self-professed nerd. He is a jack of all trades, a post-modern renaissance man.

Lenino es un canta-cuentos, el alter-ego afectivo de Lenin Comprés, un artista inventor, un explorador de la ciencia, educación y tecnología nacido en la República Dominicana y residente en Nueva York toda su vida "adulta". Sus estudios van desde ingeniería en telecomunicaciones hasta ciencias del aprendizaje. Sus entrenamientos abarcan la actuación, dramaturgia, danza contemporanea y canto. Es un pianista autodidacta y un nerdo profeso. Es un renacentista post-moderno.

Las 12 Piezas Cortas:
Teatro de Lenin Compres

Short plays in Spanish.

US$ 9.99
Lenino's Jack Rabbits
Playing Cards Based Board Game of Epic Quests in Wonderland.

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Cards + Songs of Wisdom
Deck of custom designed playing cards plus 10 Lenino songs downloads.

US$ 9.99

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Jack Rabbits
Board game created by Lenino, inspired on his music, designs and favorite books. Now with a Virtual Version.
Illusions of Duality
Lenino's musical debut album: a storyteller's journey through conflict and empathy
Photonic Chimes
P5 visualization of particles that combine to add their velocities, resulting in cumulative particles that may not travel as fast as their individual speed.
Chinese Pop
A React-app memory game that helps you learn Mandarin characters, created and developed by Lenino.
Mis 500 Locos
Lenin Compres' debut as a screenwriter, a feature film co-written with Waddys Jaquez, based on the book by Antonio Zaglul
Las 12 Piezas Cortas
Este libro incluye mis primeras obras teatrales. Está dirigido a la formación de nuevos talentos.
3D Psyche
My comprehensive and elegant psychometric tool.
Poisoned Apple Productions
Production company co-founded with Waddys Jaquez
Emotions Interface
UI based on my observations human's basic emotions.